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Discover the Exciting CBC Education at Brookshine

Prepare for a new era of education as Brookshine proudly introduces CBC Junior Secondary education, available for both boys and girls in our esteemed day and boarding schools. This groundbreaking curriculum opens doors to a plethora of learning opportunities, catering to the holistic development of our young learners.

CBC Junior Secondary education

Enroll your child in Grade 7 starting January 2023 and witness their growth through successive CBC grades, carefully designed to foster seamless progression. Our admissions for Grade 7 are already in full swing, securing your child’s spot in this transformative journey.

CBC grades 1-7

Why Brookshine Embraces the CBC Curriculum

The Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) prioritizes more than just knowledge acquisition. It focuses on nurturing learners to exhibit their skills, comprehend these competencies, and embody positive attitudes and values.

Moreover, CBC shines a spotlight on the practical application of freshly acquired knowledge and skills, bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world scenarios. This empowers students to engage meaningfully with their education, fostering relevance and purpose in every lesson.

Brookshine’s Readiness for the Upcoming CBC Transition

Nurturing Educators through Tailored Development

At Brookshine, our educators are at the forefront of change. Through continuous participation in professional development seminars and exclusive training provided by the Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission, our teachers are equipped with the latest pedagogical techniques. Guided by our school motto, “Focus towards Excellence,” our teachers are dedicated to perfecting their craft to ensure your child’s success.

Modernized Facilities to Champion CBC

In anticipation of the Junior Secondary class, Brookshine has invested significantly in enhancing and expanding our facilities. These updates are tailored to accommodate the specific needs of this new phase of learning, reflecting our commitment to providing a conducive environment for growth and exploration.

Strategic Planning for CBC Implementation

Our management team has been diligently devising strategies over time to seamlessly usher in the CBC transition. They are currently executing these plans, meticulously crafting resources and materials that align with CBC objectives. This commitment guarantees that the high standards synonymous with Brookshine’s name remain un-compromised.

Transitioning into CBC with Ease

To ensure a smooth transition for our learners, we have invested in top-notch boarding facilities that cater to both boys and girls. In tandem with this, our dedicated boarding department, comprising passionate dorm fathers and dorm mothers, is committed to nurturing a harmonious boarding environment. Their role is pivotal in assisting learners in acclimatizing to this transformative phase.

Holistic Support for Student Integration

Qualified chancellors and nurses work closely with our boarding and academic departments, fostering a seamless blend of students into our vibrant school culture. This support system extends to interactions with senior students, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching educational journey.

Be a Part of the Leading Edge in Grade 7 Enrollment

Brookshine proudly takes the lead in enrolling learners for Grade 7, kick-starting their adventure into CBC Junior Secondary education. Join us in embracing this dynamic curriculum, shaping young minds into competent, compassionate, and confident individuals prepared to conquer the challenges of the modern world. Contact us today to secure your child’s place and ignite their passion for learning with CBC at Brookshine.

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