Brookshine School

Brookshine Schools Celebrates 21 Years

Established in 2002, Brookshine Schools embarked on its educational journey, achieving remarkable success with its pioneering K.C.S.E class of 2004 attaining an impressive mean score of 9.000.

The school has fostered a robust culture, emphasizing impeccable discipline, a thirst for knowledge, reverence for spiritual values, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. These principles have been diligently upheld by a cohesive team of highly qualified and devoted educators.

The core aspiration of Brookshine School has consistently been to cultivate students who stand out, evoking admiration from all quarters. This vision encompasses not only academic brilliance but also mental integrity and physical well-being.

Recognizing the prevalent shortcomings among many secondary school graduates, we have conscientiously undertaken a comprehensive analysis of the challenges that hinder students from meeting the global and national educational benchmarks.

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