Brookshine School

About Us

Brookshine Schools was born out of a sincere desire to provide a holistic approach in quality education way back in the year 2002. We are located in a serene environment, about 35 km from the city centre along Kangundo road. We have state of the art facilities tailor made for a conducive learning atmosphere, stimulation and motivation to enhance self-development and capacity for lifelong education.

We are blessed to have a group of schools consisting of a Kindergarten, Primary and a Boys’ High School offering both the Kenyan and I.G.C.S.E. Curricula.

We welcome you to visit the school and explore the opportunity of becoming part of the Brookshine community. We are passionate on providing high quality education through a broad suite of subjects and a rich co-curricular engagement.

Our Mission

We continuously partner to identify and provide superior learning experiences for our learners to live to adaptable and balanced adults.

Our Vision

A world class community that promotes learners to live to their full potential.

Our Values

Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Resilience, Team Work.

Why Brookshine Schools?

  • Students excel in academics and become life long learners.
  • Brookshine instructors are well trained and experienced.
  • Our campus is serene and dynamic to enhance learning opportunities.
  • Brookshine Schools harbors an extensive extra-curricular program for all students to explore their passion and ensures learning extends far beyond the classroom.
  • Students are instilled with values such as honesty, integrity and respect which enable them to become valuable members of society.
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