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Pastoral care is a central element of life at Brookshine School. We consider the pastoral care of our students to be of paramount importance in this process. The well-being of our students is our biggest concern and all staff members share in the responsibility of caring for them.

Our pastoral care programme is made up of policies and practices that are fully integrated throughout the teaching, learning and structural organization. The School has a team of dedicated teachers who are always on call for the children and available to parents in case of any need. Each teacher is responsible to a group of students and ensures that the pastoral systems in place allow each of them to thrive.

Our Pastoral Care Programme forms the basis of and permeates all aspects of the curriculum. Through pastoral care, our school aims to effectively meet the personal, social wellbeing and academic needs of students. The quality of our pastoral care programme creates an atmosphere of mutual respect in which students feel safe and secure and know that they are valued and cherished as they learn, grow and develop. Brookshine School is a happy place; it is a school where pastoral care and academic success go hand-in-hand to ensure that all students reach their full potential.

To realize these goals, we work closely with educational psychologists, motivational speakers, government agencies, parents, medical experts, volunteers and child development support centres to develop talks, child screening camps and other child focused intervention programmes.

This is also done on a day today basis by classroom teachers and the school’s administration through arrangements for monitoring students’ overall progress in academic, personal and social life; through specific pastoral and support systems; and through extra-curricular activities and the school’s ethos. At Brookshine School, we pride ourselves of developing a holistic individual.

Goals of Pastoral Care

• To create a safe, secure and well-structured school setting where all members feel treasured and appreciated.

• To offer help, support, guidance and encouragement to all members of the school community.

• To create an atmosphere of mutual respect where students learn to be thoughtful and sensitive to the needs of others.

• To enable students to develop and learn and know that they can offer distinctive and precious contributions to our community.

• To prioritise the nurturing of warm and constructive relationships among students, staff, parents and the wider community.

• To promote critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, good communication skills through active listening and dialogue, informed decision making, mutual support, assertiveness, improved organisation and time management skills.

• To build on positive attitude, sense of worth and self- confidence within each student and provide opportunities for each student to be successful.

• To encourage strong home/school links where parents play an essential function in school life and notify the school of any difficulties students may be experiencing.

• To enhance students’ strengths and other protective factors contributing to their resiliency as well as developing a sense of social cohesion.


Brookshine Schools provides a dynamic educational environment tailored to meet the unique needs of each student.


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