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A person’s attitude to sport and physical activity is often shaped by their experiences as a child or adolescent. Brookshine Schools’ programmes are founded on creating fun and positive learning experiences in skill acquisition and physical literacy. Our team of experienced and passionate coaches are committed to creating welcoming and inclusive spaces, a mindset of endeavour, goal setting and personal achievement, and a culture that values healthy habits and physical activity to support broader wellbeing and performance outcomes for life.

We value sport as a vehicle to:

  • Improve physical and mental wellbeing;
  • Explore experiences and opportunities to develop skills in leadership, teamwork, goal-setting, time-management and organisation;
  • Nurture the holistic development of character within a values-driven culture;
  • Be challenged, and to build confidence, self-belief and resilience;
  • Make friends and strengthen relationships;
  • Laugh and have fun;
  • Celebrate positive role modelling and achievements; and
We are dedicated to deliver a sport programme which aims to:
  • Ensure acquisition of fundamental movement skills, fitness, confidence and competence;
  • Provide a range of individual and team sporting opportunities for all students with an emphasis on creativity, fun, enjoyment and learning for whole of school participation and engagement;

Our environment is one that actively supports and nurtures a culture of endeavour, work ethic, and the pursuit of excellence from grassroots high performing teams and programmes through:

  • Healthy, fun and rewarding competition opportunities appropriate to age and development;
  • High-quality coaching by people who care and inspire students to have a go, to challenge themselves and to perform to their best ability;

Sport is a very important aspect of the school. It is an integral part in the life of the Woodcreek child. Sport is delivered co-educationally with a deliberate focus on the building of positive attitudes and mental attributes that will set our pupils in good stead for every aspect of school life and beyond. With these characteristics as our foundation, technical proficiency, tactical awareness and understanding are developed through a well-executed late specialisation model; guarding against the risk of burn-out, while allowing for breadth of experience and the growth of transferable skills at the start of a child’s time with us.

Competition plays an important part in the advancement of Woodcreek’s pupils and we work hard to provide the right competitive experience for everyone. We encourage our pupils to bring the independence, creativity and bravery learned through sport to bear on their studies and other aspects of school life. Sport at Woodcreek is not a barrier to academic achievement or to engagement with other interests. On the contrary, our pupils’ sporting experience underpins their academic achievement and provides a platform from which they can explore new horizons with confidence.


Brookshine Schools provides a dynamic educational environment tailored to meet the unique needs of each student.


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