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Why you should choose Us

Our Curriculum

Our students experience a rich, varied senior high school curriculum which unlocks their potential, ensuring outstanding outcomes and confident progression for all.

Inclusive community.

It is a diverse, vibrant community with a strong sense of mutual respect and a high expectations inclusive culture.

Individualised learning.

We are set apart from the rest by our individualized teaching tailored to meet student’s individual needs which we deliver in a conducive learning environment.

Holistic growth approach.

At Brookshine School we want our students to be: Successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve their full potential in and out of class. Confident individuals who are able to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. Responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

Our Clubs

+ Chess
+ Skating
+ Photography
+ Beadwork
+ Monkeynastix
+ Taekwondo
+ Ballet
+ Debate
+ Culinery Club
+ Young Engineers
+ Dance
+ Environmental
+ Scouting
+ Music


+ School Buses
+ Music Room
+ Science Laboratory
+ Art Room
+ Playing Fields
+ Basketball Court
+ Tennis Court
+ Swimming Pool
+ Counselling Room
+ Fully Equiped Kitchen
+ Libraries


Key Stage 2

Key Stage Two (KS2) is the second half of the UK’s primary schooling, catering to children from seven to eleven years old.

Our programme holds the Brookshine School’s core values and personal learning goals at the forefront of our curriculum in order to foster compassion, empathy, growth-mindset, and problem-solving skills. With this programme, our learners develop a greater understanding and the importance of respect, cooperation, thoughtfulness, integrity, adaptability, sustainability, tenacity and independence.

In KS2, our students continue to build their inquiry skills as they learn how to set out more formal investigations, develop their research skills, produce writing in paragraphs with adequate detail, and learn the value of taking pride in one’s learning. They develop their creative abilities and social-emotional skills through respectful class discussions and role play, and with their developing sense of responsibility they learn how to reflect on personal and academic growth.

Brookshine Primary 55 Scaled 1

About Key Stage 2

Celebrating successes, accepting errors as part of the learning process, and setting goals are all life skills our KS2 learners become equipped with as they prepare for their secondary education.

KS2 subjects include:-
-Literacy -Numeracy -Science -Art & Design -ICT -Religious Studies
-Health & Physical Education (HPE) -Geography and History -Music & Drama
-Life Skills -French & Swahili Language

Extra Curricular Activities :
1) Basketball
2) Tennis
3) Swimming
4) Water Polo
5) Skating Clubs


We provide a learning resource centre to encourage independent study as well as group learning.

We strive to promote a reading and research culture , preparing our students for life after secondary school.

Brookshine Primary 29

Online Resources

Students have access to online resources to enable them to expand beyond what they learn in class and embrace continuous learning.

Brookshine Kindergarten

supplementary reading

Our libary & laboratory is stocked with material that complement respective curricular. We also have materials for recreational reading, for students of all ages and stages.

Brookshine Primary 69 Scaled 1


Our co-curricular activities on campus provides a range of activities to our boarding students. To make sure the students are well- balanced and able to discover their specific talents.

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We are delighted and honored that you are considering Brookshine Schools for your child’s education.

We look forward to working with you through a closer partnership that will help your child achieve the best transformative education.


Brookshine Schools provides a dynamic educational environment tailored to meet the unique needs of each student.


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